How did Bortles Facts start?

It started with the Twitter account, which was made very early on in the 2015 NFL season. It was created due to the team as a whole continuing to the dreadful at the time, and a friend and I needing something for a little entertainment for ourselves on game time. Also, it was made in part due to us always finding some the stats that would appear on-screen during NFL games to be completely ridiculous. When the game is at the two-minute warning, who actually researched something like, “Jay Cutler is 12-37 all-time when down by 10+ in the 4th Quarter after being sacked seven times?”

Are you a Jaguars fan?

I am, and have been since 1996. Growing up in Upstate New York (and still living here), this area is four hours from Buffalo, and three hours from East Rutherford, so we’re right in the middle of all three fandoms of the NFL’s three New York teams. It started in the Jaguars second season, just before they were set to take on the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card round of the Playoffs. It was the first year that I got into football, I had no team affiliation via family, but did know that I disliked the Bills, and wanted to see them lose that game. So, the Jaguars it was.

Since then, I’ve been very lucky to have now seen the Jaguars play in 21 of the 30 NFL stadiums. I’m hoping to eventually be able to check them all out. For right now, I’m really enjoying watching the Jaguars each Sunday in the fan cave I recently finished. I’ve been collecting Jaguars memorabilia since the 90s, and am hyped to finally have a place to put it all.

How many people work on Bortles Facts?

It’s just myself, doing both the social media accounts and this website.

Do you accept submissions for facts?

Of course! You can e-mail them or send them via direct message to the Facebook or Twitter feeds. If it gets used, you’ll be credited by your handle.

Can I blog for Bortles Facts?

If regularly, not at this time, and that’s because at this point, I can’t compensate you. However, if you just want to write one to write one, sure. E-mail me!

What’s your goal with Bortles Facts?

To keep having fun with it, using it to help drive donations to the Blake Bortles Foundation, and to hopefully keep seeing the Jaguars have continued success along the way. We suffered for too long.

Does Blake Bortles know about this?


What will you do with the Twitter account if it comes to a point when Blake Bortles is no longer a Jaguar?

We’re fifteen years and fifteen Super Bowls away from that, so I don’t even think about it.

Is Bortles Facts your full-time job?

No, not even close. I’ve worked full-time in social media marketing specifically for over seven years now, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Can I advertise on BortlesFacts.com or on the social media pages?

Yes, there’s more information on that right here.